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Who we are?

Nigeria Liability Insurance Pool (otherwise called The Pool/NLIP) is an organization formed in 1988 by a group of reputable and financially strong insurance companies under the umbrella of Nigerian Insurers’ Association (NIA) that control significant proportion of the Nigerian insurance market.

The main objective is to reinsure members’ Liability insurance policies and domesticate their accident reinsurance thereby conserving foreign exchange.

Membership of the Pool is only opened to members of the Nigerian Insurers’ Association, with a minimum of five (5) years operation in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Liability Insurance Pool operation is a form of proportional reinsurance like the Quota Share, Surplus or Facultative Obligatory where Pool members bring their Liability policies to the Pool.

While cedant’s interest in the conventional reinsurance is only limited to the premium ceded to and claims recovered from the reinsurers, members’ interest in the Pool goes beyond such restricted pact as they are the owners of and participate in the fortunes of the Pool.

Risks are accepted by members and then ceded to the Pool in a pre-agreed proportion; the Pool in turn arrange retrocession with some reputable reinsurers to protect its exposure.

The Pool Agreement serves as the major document that regulate relationship between members and the Pool management. Cover note issued by NLIP to its members serves as evidence of contract between members and the Pool and this document is annually forwarded to the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) by the members alongside their reinsurance plans with reinsurers providing treaty arrangement.

Our Services

Why Choose Us

There are various benefits that an Insurance Company stands to gain when join the Nigeria Liability Insurance Pool.


Increased Capacity

Members can spread risks underwritten by ceding excess of retention.

High Return on Investment

Dividends shared according to members proportion of participation.


The pool is well disposed to reduce catastrophic exposure coupled with adequate technical reserve.

Technical Assistance

Technical support in assuring prudent underwriting through regular industry appraisal and recommendations.

Solvency & Improved Liquidity

Swift response to cash call prompt claim settlement and improved financial strength.

Cheapest Rewarding Re-insurance

Whooping 35% commission plus 7.5% VAT on premium ceded thus making the Pool much cheaper than the conventional reinsurance.


Design Startup Movement

Years of Experience

Happy Members

Projects Completed

Cover provided

Frequemtly Asked Question

These are some of the frequently asked questions from the Pool and our responses:

What are the classes of liability insurance policies the Pool operates on?

Motor, Public/Product Liability, Workmen’s Compensation, General Third-Party Liability, Contingent Employers’ Liability, Occupiers/Builders’ Liability, Professional Indemnity, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability.

Are there expected minimum premium to be ceded to the Pool?

Arrangement between the Pool and members is akin to the Quota Share arrangement on the basis of 60/40.

Is cession to the Pool the same for all classes of business by members?

Cession is the same for all policies except for Motor Comprehensive where 4.5% and Contractors’ All Risks where 15% of premium is ceded to the Pool to cater for the Liability aspects of the risks.

There is already a pre-paid premium on our Liability treaty, and we would want to know how best to utilise the Pool facility.

Cession to the Pool depends on how you rank the Pool; for instance, would you feed your treaty before thinking of the Pool or vice versa?

What are the exclusions and exceptions to Pool’s risks acceptance?

Some of the notable exclusions are participation in: (1) The own damage section of members’ motor policies (2) Exploration, drilling, processing of petroleum gasoline or related products and petrochemical products

From indication above, does the Pool support layered liability policies?

The Pool’s arrangement with the members is on a Quota Share basis and does not support layered liability policies.



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